Cutting the cable

Well, the Spouse has finally decided we should cut the cable and drift away on a sea of DVDs instead. Nova and Nature are about the only thing we watch regularly. The bouts of Mystery or Masterpiece on PBS, or on Space, Doctor Who, are too infrequent to be worth the money. We’re people who tend to find things we like and then watch them many times, anyway. A good story is worth reading, or watching, more than once. With what we save, we can buy quite a few DVDs over the year. Must look to see how many seasons of New Tricks are now out on DVD….

Anyway, by buying the excellent Foyle’s War on disc last year, we got to see all the important bits that PBS cut out.

Why does PBS think that people who want to watch Nova and Mystery and Masterpiece Theatre, will suddenly be moved to give them money if they take these shows off and replace them with people in sparkly clothes indulging in seventies nostalgia? Or faux-Irish-for-tourists music played by sparkly-clothed unconvincing lip-syncers? (Or the instrumental equivalent thereof: my inner Discworld-witch refuses to believe anyone can play the violin while leaping and cavorting and with their hair lying over the strings.)


About K.V. Johansen

The author of Blackdog, The Leopard, The Lady, and Gods of Nabban, epic fantasies from Pyr, I also write for teens and children, including the "Torrie", "Warlocks of Talverdin", and "Cassandra Virus" series, and the "Pippin and Mabel" picture books, as well as a couple of short story collections and two works of adult literary criticism on the history of children's fantasy literature. I have a Master's degree in Mediaeval Studies, and read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, and history. Blog at
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One Response to Cutting the cable

  1. Christina Cronk says:

    I can relate, my husband and I are considering doing away with the cable as well. Most of our favourite shows have been cancelled already,and we now own them on dvd.

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