Updating …

So, I see it’s been months since my last post and it’s time to admit that I am very bad at keeping a blog up to date. Time, energy, other demands … It’s just not going to happen.

What should I be posting now?

Well, THE LAST ROAD, the conclusion of Gods of the Caravan Road, will be out from Pyr in October 2019 and you can find links to order it here from the online bookseller of your choice.

However, this is me, officially admitting that the blog is on hiatus, more or less, and will only be infrequently updated. The best place to find information on my books, new works, convention attendence, etc., is my website. I even have a really, really infrequent newsletter you can sign up for.

I’m also on Twitter — far too much, no doubt, but here I am. So that’s a good place to get in touch, hang out, keep up on the doings of the Wicked Dog, the garden, and random writing-related thoughts, news, and not infrequent stream-of-consciousness procrastination/thinking-aloud writing process mental meanderings.

I also have a Ko-fi page where you can do the support the author thing and throw a little change in the busker’s open guitar-case, as it were, and many thanks to those of you who may feel so inclined. I promise not to play guitar at you. (I do not promise not to go on about playing guitar on Twitter, because that, I do do. Rather a lot.)

Cheers! See you ’round …

About K.V. Johansen

The author of Blackdog, The Leopard, The Lady, Gods of Nabban, and The Last Road epic fantasies from Pyr, I also write for teens and children, including the "Torrie", "Warlocks of Talverdin", and "Cassandra Virus" series, and the "Pippin and Mabel" picture books, as well as a couple of short story collections and two works of adult literary criticism on the history of children's fantasy literature. I have a Master's degree in Mediaeval Studies, and read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, and history. Blog at thewildforest.wordpress.com
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