Well, hello, and welcome to my (other) blog. This is where I talk about books, muse on writing, life, and everything, and generally ramble. My original blog, made with friend and artist Connie Choi, is about our manga project; this new blog will give me a space for more random writing, without cluttering up the mangasaga.

My websites, by the way, can be reached through two portals, here (writing for children and teens, and non-fiction) and here (fiction for adults). There’s overlap, of course, and the two sites link back and forth.

So, here I am:

K.V. Johansen, author of quite a few books, ranging from picture books to adult literary criticism, but mostly what I do is fantasy. Okay, yes, there is a children’s science fiction trilogy in there too. There’s a separate page about my books on this blog. Here, I’ll just say my first love in writing is secondary world fantasy.

You’ll meet a few characters in my ramblings on life, so I’d better introduce them. Other than myself, these will mostly consist of:

The Spouse.
A spouse. Drinks a lot of tea.

Mr Wicked.
A dog. Snow white, the ears of a German shepherd, the tail of a husky, the brains of the former and the bloody-mindedness (ahem, independent Weltanschaung) of the latter. Real name taken from a Bujold character we hoped he’d emulate in personality. Unfortunately he turned out to be more like Miles (bright, restless, skinny, exhausting to keep entertained). (The dog on my banner, though, is not Mr Wicked but Pippin. You can read about him here.)

An artist. Connie and I are working on a manga adaptation of “The Storyteller” together, and she also did the cover art for one of my Cassandra Virus books, The Black Box. Follow our progress on the Mangasaga!

The Visiting Cat.
A cat, who visits. Many years ago his owners acquired a Baby. Visiting Cat seemed to find this an affront and sought a quieter place for his afternoon naps. Now he shows up several times a week, sleeps all day on the Spouse’s desk, and is evicted at suppertime, rather like a gentleman going to his Club in London. When the weather is bad, we have been known to carry or even drive him home. When his presence is required at home for eardrops or vet appointments and he fails to check his watch, his rightful humans drop by to pick him up. All in all, a satisfactory arrangement. He especially likes being carried home on a dark winter evening and having a human ring his doorbell for him. He was a little put out when we acquired Mr Wicked, mind you. An excitable puppy was not among the fixtures he felt his Club was lacking.
I’m sorry to have to update this. Samson, who belonged to our neighbours, died of kidney disease in June 2012. He was a wonderfully affectionate, sweet-tempered cat, a mighty ratter, and a pleasure to have around. We here at his hunting-lodge and home-away-from-home all miss him.

And that’s our cast of characters.

If you want to send me a note, there’s a contact form on my website here, and I’m on Facebook (hunt around, I’m K.v. Johansen), or, far more (too) often, @kvjohansen on Twitter.


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