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Ereaders, hah. Sorting them out, who has time to read?

I suppose I should say, “Ereaders disguised as tablet computers, hah …” because what I actually have is a cast-off Kobo Vox. (You know how when young, you’re always dressed in older siblings’/counsins’/neighbours’ outgrown clothes … well, being on the … Continue reading

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Wanderers in the Wilderness

Lately I’ve been reading Alexander’s Prydain books aloud to the Spouse and re-reading Buchan’s Huntingtower as well; it got me thinking about the dearth of solitary wanderers in recent fantasy.* Prydain is a world of forests and hills, with scattered … Continue reading

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I was quite excited when an Italian scholar of Germanic philology, Verio Santoro, wrote to me saying he’d like to send me a copy of his book La Ricezione Moderna della Battaglia di Maldon: Tolkien, Borges e gli altri; “The … Continue reading

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Dispatches # 5: Rallies and groupthink

I’ve been thinking about what makes people into groupies, frantic cheering mindless crowds, all a-thrill with the presence of their Great Leader, whether she or he is a dictator, a saint, or a pop-star. The thing is, of course, that … Continue reading

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Currently reading …

Actually, I can tell the new book, after its extremely long-drawn-out birth pangs, is going well at last. I’ve got Vol. 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist and, no offence meant to Hiromu Arakawa, my favourite mangaka, but I glanced at it, … Continue reading

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