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Short Stories Online

This month I began experimenting with a new way of republishing short fiction. I have the first story from The Serpent Bride, originally published by Thistledown back in 1998, up at Curious Fictions; you can support me by visiting my … Continue reading

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Tallying the Books 2: The Serpent Bride

The Serpent Bride, my second published book, was a collection of ten short stories that were literary fairy tales, retellings of ballads from Medieval Denmark, was published in 1998 from Thistledown Press. (For non-Canadians, that’s a venerable small literary press … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the Desk # 12: Little girls — brandish your wooden swords and burn your plastic tiaras!

International Women’s Day has come and gone for this year, and I’ve been thinking about princesses. Here we are, all post-feminist doin’ it for ourselves, and all the little girls want to be princesses. In my day it was cowboys. … Continue reading

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