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Dispatch from the Desk: Help, I’ve Lost My MacGuffin

About eighteen months ago, I completely abandoned a two-thirds-done Torrie book for which I had no particular deadline in order to work on something that was more urgent. A couple of days ago I went back to it and read … Continue reading

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Nice mention of The Shadow Road

There’s been a nice, succinct, and complimentary notice of The Shadow Road in the annual publication of the Pennsylvania School Librarians’ Association: “Followers of The Warlocks of Talverdin will relish this fourth book, while those new to the series can … Continue reading

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Haruhi Suzumiya and Greek Philosophy?

The other day, out of the blue, the Spouse asked, “Do you suppose Kyon is named from the Greek ‘kyôn’ for ‘dog’, as in Diogenese the Dog, founder of the Cynics?” I thought about it. “Probably,” I said. If you’re … Continue reading

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First Reviews of The Black Box

The first couple of reviews (both in journals for teachers & librarians) of The Black Box have been very positive. Here are quotes: “…The scene in which the Spohrville Fencibles, in their authentic uniforms and singing songs from the War … Continue reading

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Black Eye, or, The Perils of Laundry

Third blog entry, and yet another headline beginning with “black”. No, this is not an obsession; it’s pure coincidence. Really. I have, in what we shall call a laundry-related incident, given myself a black eye. I wasn’t even doing the … Continue reading

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