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Ad Astra, part three

Panel the Third, and Panel the Fourth: “Non-European Fantasy Worlds” and “Good Research Makes for Better World-Building” I’m running my report on these two together, because they’re really quite closely linked. The first panel consisted of me, Steven Erikson, Derwin … Continue reading

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Con Number One: Off to Toronto for Ad Astra 2014

Well, I’m off to Toronto this coming week, to attend Ad Astra, the first stop in my year of cons. Some authors seem to hit a con a month (at least, that’s the impression I get from the chatter on … Continue reading

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And wearing my other hat … SFF Masterclass this August

(Or one of my other hats …) If you have found me here, I’m going to assume you’re interested in fantasy literature either for adults or children, or for both. Those of you who are also interested in the more … Continue reading

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World-Building: Clarkesworld Round-Table

A while ago I took part in an interview for a round-table discussion of world-building in fantasy and science fiction for Clarkesworld Magazine; it’s up on the Clarkesworld website now. Gods, devils, magic systems, things readers don’t know about the … Continue reading

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Mr Wicked and the Whirligigs, or the Future is Now

Near-future science fiction can be the hardest to keep fictional. The future keeps becoming the present, or even the past. (Funny, that.) When I wrote the first book in The Cassandra Virus trilogy (The Cassandra Virus, The Drone War, and … Continue reading

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